Broke the barriers

Introduction Activities Activeness Reading Writing Exercise  Meditation Thinking Skills introduction Every single child in his child stage wants to be a rich and powerful person. Because in the same way,











Every single child in his child stage wants to be a rich and powerful person. Because in the same way, I want to be a rich and powerful person. Really why should people hate to become a great personality?  Everyone could struggle every day only for the name, fame and for the luxurious life, etc. some great people also exception to these things and achievements.

When I am in the child stage I have been watched so many dreams. Those all dreams are I have been remembering today too clearly. Those dreams and the questions in my mind are really too reasonable for today’s my activities. I am a college student now and want to be a billionaire person very soon in my life. Because I have the desire to earn more money and become a great, rich and powerful person in my life.  

The environment from where I belong doesn’t show any chance to become a great and powerful person in life. In the environment were from me, no one can see the big dreams in life. Also, I am too worried about myself. Because the things that happen with me are not showing any way to become successful in my life. After this all negative things, finally I have been decided to fly up high in the sky as possible as to me.

Now the days I have been learning English too good. Since this language, I have been studied in my school life. Also, there are so many things that I have been improved by myself. The people around you like your friends your neighbors are always judging you and same in case of all. The people who always judging you and telling the bad things about yourself to another. Those people were helping a lot to you but no one can understand how?

The people and the personality who always makes you angry and behaving with you as you are the poor guy in all activities. Those people indirectly cheating with the creative monster in you. Everyone has a creative monster but present in the sleeping stage. In some condition, this monster is in the working stage. When the people give harms to you physically and mentally the monster in you always wake up to fight and prove yourself.

So the people start to upload their status on social media as someone is cheating with them. This thing only shows the fir in their mind but in reality, there is no fire always. Similarly, that happens with me also in my past time. Because if you are wasting your time to prove yourself then you should always fail. Also due to this you should be just waste your more valuable time at all.

Also, there are so many things are happens in our life every day. The human is a truly great and cleverer animal on this earth and at all. But next to this there are the so many things where we are like to be nothing. So we are great but not in front of nature and science. Because they can decide our activities and future indirectly. We are dependent on nature and science not only on our burning thought process.

If you have the continuous thought process in your mind then make sure to kill this. Because if you can’t stop your thought process. After some time your continuous thought process will completely digest you. Due to this, you should have become an unvalued person in your social network.

When I passed out the secondary school exam I have been planed so many things. I planned so many skills to learn them by own talent. Similarly, I have been learned some basic skills in the holidays. I am happy with all these skills because they help me a lot today to work and learn things easily.

 Also, I joyed every single activity that I experienced and faced. I have been watched so many Hollywood and Bollywood movies and does so many things. I traveled so many places and collected information about them. Learned so many things with my free mind. I am happy by doing this all activities, but still, something is in my mind to do new.

In school life, I am always serious with my studies and always doing well and perform too better. When I entered into my college life the first few days are too complicated for me. Because the things and activities happening in my life are newer than my regular school life.

No one is my friend there, I am the boy that shy to speak with elders and the same age group friends. Really at that time, I don’t know why but the so many things have happened and I am inactive in those all. I have been loosed my confidence to speak with people and friends friendly.

But those all things are similarly happening with me as with of my other friends. Just after two weeks, I have been made the number of friends. Now I am well settled in my college life again as per in school. Now I start to live the very happy and funny in moments with my all new friends.

In college, the activities are totally changed and I am following them now routinely. But I am much sad in the memories of school days. The school playground, best teachers, school campus, best friends, syllabus and so many memories I have been made in my school life. By remembering the activities in the school life I am wasted the college a few days in past memories.

These days are really so hard for me because I have just memories from home and school. My mind makes me always to leave college for some days and return home. Away from the home from father mother and lovely environment I have been missed so many things.

In those memories, my college two years are passed and I don’t know how? Again it is time to leave the college and join the new college for under graduation. But this time I am not poor any way I am strong at all activities.

Last two year of junior college I passed in memories but I am too strong now for the next stage. But at this time I have a big deal with my life because after this college life I am in search of my career-friendly best studies. Now I have been enjoyed the holidays after the two years of continuous study. But due to my bad response on the result sheet, I am unable to get the admission in the best university and college.

But today still I am too happy with my average academics because they give me so many opportunities. Due to this, I worked on my skills. That skill makes me today too valuable person in the world of corporate. I would like to tell you that I am too interested in corporate-related things. Only from just a few years and today, I learn a lot. But I have the feeling of I learned just a zero. This indicates my hunger for practical knowledge.

After this, I have just the option to take the admission for my passion from school time. I am much interested in the subject of science. So I have the last option to take the admission for science and finally, I took. But the time after the results of the entrance exam and result of junior college.

I am getting too highly demotivated and thinking just negative. Because of this, I am just feeling too bad and this period is the most demotivated for me in my whole life. I have been faced to the negativity too strongly just thinking negative everything. So many things bad and good happen at this period in my life but I have been learned a lot from those all things.

After a long time, I am coming out from the over thinking and negativity along with demotivation. Now this time I am more confident, aggressive, mentally strong and positively entered into a new life. Really if I am not demotivated, failed in my life then I am nothing today but today I am so much.

I have been applied the 100 of formulas on myself to change myself personally and mentally and I changed myself greatly. Because of this transmission in mentality and personality today I am the man with multiple behaviors, activity, and so many things.

Before the changing of myself, if I ask the question to myself at that time, how much can I change myself? Then I answered will be just small or nothing but today I can explain myself totally changed. Also, it is too hard for everyone to change themselves totally and the task is mentally along with physically.

After this adventure things, I am totally happy in my life. I am living in the present enjoying every single moment with my friends. I made them so many beauties in under graduation college life.  Make so many guys love my thinking and power of action in a different situation. I made so many friends motivated and changed their negative thinking.

I am the guy who just lives for the skills and goals now. If I knew about the new and easy skill then I research on it first and try to learn this skill as too possible for me. By applying the same formula I have been learned the so many things. Because of these skills, I can easily survive everywhere today.

Now in recent time, I am working on the so many things I am a successful corporate solution provider today. My dream is to become a billionaire before the age of 25 and I will be definitely. Because every minute I am investing for it.

When I saw the dream to become a billionaire as possible as soon. I just think that it is not possible at that time. But today I can say that it is very easy to become a billionaire. Money is infinitely available surrounding to us but we are unknown from the things.

 How to attract money towards us very speedy and rapidly?

But for your kind information, I would like to introduce you to the tricks, formulas, tips, and ideas to become a billionaire in life. By our own talent, skills, power and smart hard-work.

On the other way, it is more important for you to know that I am not a billionaire today but I have the potential to become. Because of this don’t make mistake to ignore the next powerful content. It is basically everyone can guess that never any billionaire personality can write the e-Book to become a billionaire.

Still, I write this book because no one can stop any human’s creativity. Because the creative human is self-motivated and he never hears the others. The creative human can just observe the things and notice them to avoid the mistakes. Every successful human comes from the so many unsuccessful paths but he always chooses his path by studying them first and try to make fewer mistakes in life.

If we spent most of our time in mistakes and failures then we have fewer chances to become rich soon. Sometimes our big mistakes can change our whole life’s direction. So make sure to run away from the mistakes. Always try to destroy the stones first that will be coming in the paths from where we could walk. Otherwise, this stone can harm us in the night time, where night time is nothing but the bad situations in our life.

Also, there are a lot of the things I have been studied and learned from my own experiences of a few years. I have been always tried to make the things easy but something’s are really not too easy. So take a long breath to survive long and came in the ground of the struggle to survive long.

Activities and activeness

To do the regular activities we need a sufficient amount of energy. We have the energy to do work. By doing the work we are following the activities in our regular life. We are getting energy from the food to do activities and some other sources.

Now I note this simple thing in regular day routine because we always know those basic things. But after knowing this all data about us an average student or person never try to do something new in his regular activities. It is more important to know for us that every genius or extraordinary person could observe this all basic things. This one is their different thinking from the all other which makes them extraordinary.

By observing the regular activities in our life we can make some changes into them. The person who never chooses the simple and basic activities in his daily routine makes something different. Making different things or living activities in a different way can give us more energy to try something new.

Now by using the real-life example, we can understand, how to live differently? To become an extraordinary person.

Jake is a college student and he has the best friend Tony. Now Jake is the average boy in his class but Tony is the extraordinary student in the whole class. Because of this Tony is the best friend of Jake. Also on the same way Jake wants to Tony as a best friend always because of his activities. Just because of the activities and activeness of Tony, he has the so many best friends in his class. Every single student wants to be a best friend as Tony.

Everyone wants to make a friendship with Tony, but why? What is different in Tony? The tony is that student who doesn’t have more friends in his past college time. He is also the average boy in his past college life.

But in present by observing the things that happen truly bad with Tony, he changed the situations totally. Tony successfully changed himself by observing the things that really happen badly with him. He observes that why the other students are not interested in himself. What is wrong in his personality?

After this observation, Tony knows that everyone can attract a good personality. Every human judge the person on the basis of his body language, personality, speaking, talking, brave, financial conditions, and finally most important his activities. Everyone isn’t a well developed personality from his birth. So we need to develop some good things in our self so someone may take interest in our self.

Tony was the really demotivated and diverted in his life. After long time negativity, he found the perfect solution for his problem. Tony is not too cleverer but good in his studies. Now he has to focus on his career but on the other way he is more demotivated in his college life.

He does most of the regular and basic activities in his daily routine. Before this, he never tries to do something new in his daily routine. When he observed the things that happen with him and reasons for them. Then he founds the reason and the reason is the only his activities.

Now he has the need to change the activities that he did in his regular college life. Every average person can do his regular activities and it is human nature to get bored with the things when they happen in a recycling manner. Here only activities are not important there is also the number of things and exceptional condition.

After this observation, Tony conclude himself and works on himself. Tony first changed his body postures and keep a smile on the face. He started to speak freely with his friends. Sometimes he feels that he is doing something wrong but because of his analysis, he makes it more perfect. Tony was happy now in his college life because he changed himself totally and present a good person himself in front of everyone.

By doing thus activities he feels too good now on the same way his confidence level is growing up. Confidence can decide so many things that will happen with you. Indirectly suppose that if the confidence is your best friend in real life then you must win everything in your life. Because the confidence is that one thing which can give hike and jerk to you in your life. If your confidence level is high then you can do everything confidently. Most of the great personalities are felled into their life just because of their less confidence.

Thus personalities are nothing but the very common people around us. Because of the less confidence so many times, we can miss the great things activities in our life. We are getting to be far from the adventures things in our life due to the less confident. We are always running away from the problems in our life. If you are running away from the problems in your life then no one is foolish as you are. Because problems are that one thing which is always giving the new opportunity for us in our life.

The people who always dare to fight with problems that are coming in life then no one is adventures as they are. After the problems the human who solved it get the new desire and hike at the next level. So facing the problems in our life is a great deal with our future. By facing the big problems you are dealing with their solution. When you solve any easy or tough problem in your life you will always be getting much happy.

We know that every human has a celebratory nature after achieving something new in his life. So we are celebrating every best moment in life and joy them. Now we know that we are the one who can change yourself to make our future bright. So make sure to change yourself instantly as possible as soon. You can change yourself only due to the increasing confidence in yourself.

The most successful personalities in the world are so many known as self-made personality. They are just known because of their nature their living and lifestyle. Succeed personalities are always loyal to their work and always thinking about their work. So they are known as the mostly made.

The made personalities are those who are living only for the desire. They have the desire to make a name, earn money, become a great personality and also so many things are there. They can be done any activity at any place for their desire. But there are the so many exceptions for the desire of the average and genius person.

Similarly Tony knows this all thing from his some good hobbies like reading a book and observe himself to make a good personality. He lives every day in his life in a different style. Always he looks like a great person because of his activities that he changed this year in college. Everyone is getting to be attracted towards his thought, his nature, and so many things.

Still tony is the boy with average performance but all his activities made him more. Because of the increase in the confidence of the Tony so many things are also getting to be improved. Now he started studying really too good than first. Also, he is always looking for new ideas and concepts. He makes his communication too good with his teachers and staff. This will helps him in the regular activities that made him more active.

By following the so many good hobbies and the activities Tony totally changed his life. The things happened with Tony and his positive life from negative things is not just an imaginary content. This all content is taken from the practical student life who is the more successful in his life today.

Also according to the number of surveys, it is proved that an average student in school life becomes more active in his college life. They have the power to make their own decision’s instantly also they are the one who becomes a more effective personality in their society. They have the power to lead a large number of people.

These personalities are not too active in their life from their nature but they made themselves and increases their confidence to face any problem. Because of the facing the problems and so many bad things they have the power to lead someone. On the same way, you can do this by applying the same things in your life.

It is really true that every leader can come from a lot of struggles. So they can survive as the lead personal ever. The leader can work on their activities but they do less active activities to generate active income. Because of the strategies of leader they always create passive sources for their income. In the same way, you can work on your activities to generate passive sources of income.

Now, what is passive income? The person works on the so many projects in his free time that will generate regular income for a long time. By making the passive sources for your income you should make a great deal with your future days.

A large number of people in the middle class knowing the importance of passive income sources. So they starting to invest their energy into the passive sources. Practically today content marketing is the best way for the middle-class people.

You can start to make your own creative content at the digital platform. The digital platforms can also give a really large figure passive income. You can create any kind of content that will engage the people for a long time. Also at the next level, you are able to make your own marketing value in the corporate world.

From the activities like this today the millions of people were got new income sources. In passive-type income sources, you can get the regular payment for a long time. You have the just need to create the sources that will give you the best passive income regular. By doing the passive work you will get the work free for a long time. Passive sources get time for less time and give income for more time.

For example, Logan and Anderson are the best friends of each other. Both of them have completed their graduate studies. They have the mindset to do the business but have no idea, what to do? They want to try something new in the market and discussing so many ideas. But in their vision, no idea is too good that will made them rich in less time.

Logan is the boy that think with a different mindset. One day he calls to be best friend Anderson to discuss on one best idea. Both of them were discussed on the coaching classes on that day. They have the idea to open the coaching center for the guitar lover. Both they are the too good guitar players.

They start to find the place in their city to start the coaching center for guitar lover. Finally, they got one hall in the city on the rent for their center. They make these halls proper lovely setup and click its picture along with guitars. by using the pictures of the center hall, address and some basic thing they made advertisement for their local area.

With the help of the digital marketing expert, Logan plays the ads campaign for their local area. These ads are working well but the response to their center from people is poor in the first few days. After a few days, their ads campaign working too good. By watching their setup and presentation people were starting to made call them.

After receiving the hundreds of calls they get the few student registrations for their center. Because of this both Anderson and Logan gets to be sad and demotivated. Because they have high liabilities now. From the last two months, they have been spent their all money on the guitars lover center.

 They have no any money to manage their centre. So both they are demotivated but the Logan have idea to manage the centre. He ask for discussion to Anderson on the management of their centre. They are discussed again on their management and understand the mistakes made by them in last two months.

Because of their new business mindset, they have been made the number of mistakes in the last two months. But still, they come out from their demotivation and start to find the solution. When do they start to find the solution? They have been known from the different problems now in their bad situation.

But they are unknown from everything in the start-up of something new. So they also decided to close the center after the 1-2 months. They just target their expenses on the center to get back their fund. They have some reserved registrations for classes.

They call the people who reserve their seats for learning guitar lessons. Still the number of the people who want to learn the guitar and registered at the ‘guitars lover’. They start hardly to give the lesson to their students to come to learn the guitar. After a few days, they become really interested to give the guitar lesson and enjoying the work.

Slowly Logan’s mind is changed to give the regular guitars lesson to the people who want to play it. Still, the Anderson is just looking on the expenses of money in their plan and unhappy from this. On the other way, Logan becomes more confident and he wants to continue this regularly. Logan also watching theirs over expenses which are not in his budget but still he was happy and wants to continue.

After the time of 2 months, Anderson asks Logan for closing the center but Logan starts to give some excuses to keep it up. Anderson doesn’t interested in these things and he wants to give back up totally. Logan has the really needs to face with some big problems and problems starts again to disturb his mind set. Finally, Anderson gives up from this but Logan still wants to continue with this. Due to this Anderson asks for some money to Logan for continuing this.

Logan was truly trapped in the problems, Logan also facing with problems and this is an additional one. Logan truly loves this so he wants to continue with the guitars lover for a few months. He has no idea how to manage these all problems.

He takes rest for one day and went for the one day trip to get away from problems. He enjoyed his one day trip totally and he does this to get relief from the problems with guitar lovers. After two days Anderson starts to ask for his expenses to Logan to continue guitars lover. Finally, Logan seat to find the solutions for thus all problems.

Logan firstly asks for some time to the Anderson. Anderson gives him some time to work on his idea and get in search of the new job. Also, Anderson got the best job in the same city and he was happy now. Logan still looking for the solution, he checked the accounts of the center. He observes that the expenses of the center are not too over.

Thus all expenses can be easily paid by giving the service to more people. Logan asks his students to give the reference to the people to learn the guitar. By doing this he saved them some money from paid ads and digital marketing expert. Because of the references after some time amazingly, the number of the student goes on increment and this is a good thing for him.

Logan again getting too happy because of the fall and rise of the guitars lover. Still, he finds alternative sources to decrease the expenses and increase the profit. He has the solution now and the solution is the digital media platforms.

Logan starts to publish the post of his center and changed the name to guitars lover club. He made the official pages on the social media platforms and start to make post continue. After this, he founds another one best solution to manage the expenses and the solution is content marketing and selling.

He starts to make some personal guitar lesson videos to post on pages and other platforms. Slowly after some months, his content is at the next rich in the market. The guitars lover club has its unique identity now. People were starting to ask for an online guitars lesson.  The fan following is supporting really too good to Logan’s lessons.

By reading the comments of the people and the fans from pages Logan getting to be motivated more. But he doesn’t change his path and hardly tries to maintain all the works of the guitar lover club. But still, he is unable to manage everything and finally offer the job for an assistant to maintain all these works. Because he has been covered all the expenses and made his idea more profitable than his thinking.

The guitars lover club really made the Logan much rich than he has expected. He gives the money back to the Anderson invested by him. The time spent by Logan in this business model is the 11 months. Really this is not a business model but still, this is the great lesson for the Logan to manage the business models.

Logan has the over expenses for the first two months and just expenses for 6 months. After this, he covers all the expense and earns a lot of money. Logan is too happy and wants to take some new actions to increase his clubs reach. Now his club is perfectly converted into the small business model.

This time Logan increases the number of services just from the guitars lover. Logan knows that the people were buying the brand services and he has. So he started the number of services to give the local people online and offline both. Because of the brand value and quality courses people continuously attracted towards the loans services.

Logan increased the number of employees in his business and provides the best services ever. He just starts to manage his business asks the things to his assistant and employees and observe the growth. He starts to live a luxurious life within 22 months after starting his business.

One day when he is invited by the other company at the reception party. The company’s director meets Logan and tries to ask for some business purpose things. This is happening just because of Logan’s business model is getting to be more brand valued in the market. In the same meeting, the Logan also meets with the Anderson. This time Anderson was feeling too guilty and foolish on his activities.

Anderson was doing the job at the best position along with good money. Still, he missed so many things to learn in his life with Logan. In this party, the Logan was just invited for his management skills. That he has done in his business and achieve success in less time.

This is the difference between active and passive income. Logan works too well with his good activities. The business model which was chosen by the Logan and Anderson is enough too good. But, Because of Logan’s true love with his business idea, this idea could achieve the next level of success.

On the other way, Anderson just looks for the money and its expenses. So he never interested in his business and unable to focus on it. Because of this he give-up from this business model and lost the most expensive deal in his life. Also, Anderson was still the just a simple person and earn money from his active income sources.

Anderson has to face so many different problems every day. In the practical solution to these problems are not profitable for him anyway. Anderson could earn the money when he works hard. He works daily for a long time, pressured and bored from his job. After this all he fails to earn the things like name, money and luxurious lifestyle.

The Logan was the cool personality, now he named in local business personalities. He is most of the time relaxed and free from his work. Also, he gets all things in his life like name, money and luxurious lifestyle. Finally more important he is very happy with his work. Logan always does any work from his mind and happy with it.

After all these the Anderson was the failure in the practical life exam because of his less dedication to work. On the same way, Logan wins so many things within a single practical exam in his business life. Both of them have the same problems in the starting day. The Anderson worked with Logan only for the purpose of money. The Logan works for the people to give the solution to their problem. Logan always ignores the expenses in present he just focused on the profit in the future if he succeeds.

In this case, Logan has the vision for the future time but his vision is probably possible still he worked on it. Logan was really interested in the services that he provides to the people so he works a long time with it. So indirectly Logan’s true love with his work made him more successful.

From the problems that come in Logan’s life, he learned the number of lessons. Now he has the knowledge of how to start any business and how to succeed in it. The surviving as the business person can give many opportunities in the future time to Logan. Experiences and problems in which Logan survive successfully are more valuable for him for a lifetime.

From the experience of the Logan, we should also learn so many things to avoid and follow in our business life to survive long. So make sure to note them in your personal diary. Also, note the similar experiences in your life because they will give you a new lesson in a bad situation.

                                 Note the points like this

  • Give the full dedication to your work
  • Try something different in your model.
  • Take the feedback from customers.
  • Never give-up from work in a bad situation.
  • Problems are a new opportunity.
  • Problems can give a hike and jerk.
  • Always keep yourself ready for the problems.
  • Manage everything in right ways.

Reading and writing

When people ask about their hobbies then mostly answered reading and writing. In reality, these are just activities most of the people doing but not regularly. Today the people changing their way of reading from the books to e-books and e-learning.

The reading of books can help us to improve our knowledge. The books are the one and only source to get a lot of knowledge. But today’s youth try to avoid to read the book because of the social media platforms. The social media platforms are more engaging and most of the people engage in it.

Social media platforms are those made only for the purpose to engage the people. People were getting to watch the beautiful posts of another one. Indirectly every single person making the show off itself on social media platforms. Social media platforms using this large number of youth for their business purpose.

On the other way, social media platforms are really too good for all kinds of businesses. Social media can provide different sources for people to make money. The people having the millions of fan following to their pages could earn a large amount of money from the companies.

Just because of the social media the most of the people getting to waste their total creativity. Here the personally you have the need to control yourself. People were getting addicted to social media. They waste their most of the creativity in the minimal activities on social media. Most of the time the people were getting to be frustrated with people just because of the social media.

Social media platforms are good at the specific limit and bad over the limit. So make sure to use less social media to try to avoid them. You can set a specific time for social media. You can save your number of hours from the electronic devices and social media platforms. Today’s youth is highly addicted to social media, gaming, and entertaining devices. Because of the regular entertainment, you should be gone bored and this will cause negative thinking.

To avoid these all bad habits and the addiction you can try so many new things. Like reading you can improve yourself to the better person. The reading of the novels, stories, poems, newspaper, and some other books are good habits in itself. Reading helps you to improve your thinking power at another level.

Most of the rich personalities are always reading the book. They are reading regularly the books related to their field mostly. From this, they are searching the ways for energy. When someone achieves so many things in life without under the guidance of someone. This personality most of the time makes the comfort zone around him. Indirectly this person stops his own growth because he thinks that he achieved everything in life.

In such situation, you have the need to make someone your guide. The books are the best guide in the world. Books are written by great writers and the things in books are much experienced. From thus all things you could open the way for your brain to think more.

When a single person could earn and achieve some good things in life he starts to think that he achieved everything in his life. Due to this the will power of thus personality goes down and loose. Every human has the great will power but few humans use this power in life so many things in life.

For our better clarificatio, we can take the example of Robins student life. How he achieved the things in his life and how he loses his will power.

It is the story of the final year college student Robin’s life, the things that happened in his life. When Robin entered into his final year of college he gets more serious about his future. Now he starts to do the work hard and working on his study to get a better job through campus selection.

Robin starts to study good in his final year he has the mindset to get the best job after his college education. So he starts to prepare the interview and searching the best companies that relate to his field. After a few months, the so many companies campus is starting into his college. In thus all campus the Robin was not selected.

He thinks that this all was his bad luck. Because of this thing he gets pressured and start to think negative. Because of the things that happen with him he feels too sad ever time. Still, these stages are very normal and come in every student’s life. He becomes from the middle-class family and now he was knowing his all responsibilities. Again he started to search the job and send his resume to many companies but no one is answered.

Robin has not too good score in his college life. But he has the spark to do something new in his life. Before the things that he has been reading a lot of novels and books. From these books, he learned so many things that to do and apply in his real life. Still, he thinks that the books are not too guide as per saying the people and teachers.

After a few months later finally his result was declared and he passed with good marks but not too. Robin started to apply his resume to get a better job. After so many problems finally, he got a job in the non-technical company. Because of the things that happened to him, he was unhappy for some time and joined the job. But after some time in his company, he got to loves his work, his staff, and the environment. He does continuous work in his company. He started to get payment of his work from the company.

His payment is too good as per his thinking because all his needs are getting to be completed. After completing his needs, he saves some money to purchase some things for himself? Now he living life with fewer problems and very happy. Because of the fewer problems he creates the comfort zone surrounding him.

When human creates a comfort zone surround to himself he tied his eye from black cloth. Because of this human was unable to see the problems in his life that will be coming in his future time. But if you are a good reader then you should follow the best advice from the expertise people.

There are so many best personalities in our society. We can make contact and create a good relation with thus great personalities. Thus personality’s time is more valuable, then how they can give the time for you? Now it is your responsibility, how to make contact with the great personality in our society?

Indirectly the great personalities are available at very cheap prices in the market in the form of books. Buying the great personality’s book you can connect yourself with them. In a bad situation, you can practically apply their thoughts in your life to take great decisions in a bad situation. By reading the books you can improve your decision making power. In a bad situation, most of the people are unable to take a good decision and trapped in the problems.

By reading you can explore your own creativity and make yourself more aware. Here the robins stopped all his best activities in his life that he does in his past. Because of this indirectly he closed his brain to think new and created the comfort zone surround him.

In most of the cases of a student these things are happens most of the time. In the student stage, we can make ourselves more creative and active in things. But most of the time because of the busy life schedule we are getting unable to follow our good habits. Robin also does that and this one is the biggest mistake of his that he forgot his all good habits to follow. Still, he started wasting his time in the negotiable things.

In the same way, we are facing things that happen in our life. But thus things are not giving us something more to reach in our life. We have the need to set the goals and work for them. Some of the people who always bonded to their good habits were dosed the great activities in their life.

So if you have good habits like the reading of books, blogs, stories, magazines, and so many more contents. Then don’t miss thus good habits to follow them for a lifetime. The reading can make you a perfect personality ever. Always reads the content that will give the boost to your thinking. If once you should start to read the creative content then no one can stop your creativity.

Make sure to read always the good content. Your vision is most important at all, how you should take the things? As positively or negatively. You should read the best blogs everywhere on your device. Blog reading is also one of the best habits. From blogs, you can read the very fresh and good content. By reading the blogs you should be a smart person. You can speak very well because of thus activities.

So always keep reading it will always show the better ways in your life to choose in difficult situations.  After all the environment and your thinking decide where you can go in the future. So try to be the best person ever.

Writing is also one of the good habits if you are a good reader. By reading the books, the thoughts, and some other creative content you can note them.  By noting the things you can analyze the good things.

The writing will give you the vision to watch yourself in the mirror. By writing the things that happen in your daily life you can make some changes in your own work. Sometimes we are wasting our most valuable time at worst activities. We are still unknown for our valuable time. But by noting the thing that happens in our routine we can analyze them to make some correction in our routine.

Great people always manage their time very accurately. They try to avoid unwanted activities. By writing you can learn, understand and apply the things in your life. We create our time table to do work but we can’t. We can easily follow the actives as per our time table.

Make the timetable for your daily routine and follow it for a few days. After a few days, it can be changed into habit. You are totally bound yourself to good habits by doing them up to they come your favorite.

We ignore to write things and note them. But it is more important to note the best things in your day. Write the best things that happen in your daily life for up to 30 days. After 30 days read what you have been write in your diary. This will helps you to analyze your own lifestyle and helps to improve it. By taking the activity against the bad things in our life we can avoid the problems that will come in our life.

Write some new things that you learn. Write the things in a pointwise manner makes more attractive to read. The habit of reading and writing really makes you a great person. If you could follow thus habits regularly.

This habits will help a lot to improve the things in your life. You can improve your memory power, become a smart speaker, and gain more knowledge. You should analyze yourself, filter the worst activities and make yourselves a good person. Reading and writing are more effective activities. This effective active should help you a lot to manage the things, and learn them.

By reading you can learn so many things. The learning helped to improve knowledge. By improving the knowledge you can work on yourselves this will helps to invest the time in the right ways. Time and money investment in the right ways helps to increase wealth. The great people in the world invest most of the time in the reading of the book. The great personalities always read books to improve their own awareness and knowledge.

If you are a good reader then you can learn to manage everything. The knowledge to manage the things and achieve the opportunity comes from the books. So make your selves the good reader and learn the things surround to you.

To become a good reader and an average writer. By writing the things that happened in life analyze yourselves and improve yourself. Analyzing habits and activities you can achieve the power to change and turn the things that happen surrounds you.

Exercise and meditation

Exercise is one of the grating habits in itself. Every person in his life does the exercise. Some of them follow their routine and schedule time to do exercise. Some of them do for a short time or seasonal. But the regular exercise gives the number of benefits to you and your health.

By doing regular exercise we can live a healthy and happy life. When we do exercise we release the pressure on body and brain. We intake the fresh oxygen from the air. In the night we are sleeping to take the proper rest. Sleep gives us the energy to do work, we use this energy for different activities. Still, this energy is not too sufficient for us and we are getting too tired.

So doing the exercises is one of the good habits to live energetically. Early wake up in the morning is good because we fill too energetic in the morning. The energetic fill in the early morning we can’t fill in the whole day. So try to wake up early in the morning.

By doing exercises you could stay away from the number of diseases. When we do exercises most of the body parts are actively working. If all the body parts were works actively we get energy from thus all parts. The parts like the brain, heart are getting too active after exercises.

The actively working of heart and brain should make us too healthy. After the continuous movement of body parts, they require energy. To get energy body parts were getting to more activated. This affects good on our breathing. Good breathing intake the more fresh oxygen from the environment.

Similarly plays the most important role in the freshness. Through breathing after exercises, we intake a good amount of oxygen. While the average person consumes the less amount of oxygen. If human intakes the good amount of oxygen it will help to improve all the activities in the body.

After intake of oxygen through inhalation into the lungs, it follows a complete cycle in our body. The oxygen intake through the lungs is provided to all body through the heart. This oxygen combines with the hemoglobin in the blood and getting into the blood circulation process. In the human body, blood circulation can provide energy and oxygen to all different body parts.

Similarly, this circulation gives the good reach of oxygen to our brain. Due to this, we are getting too active in our thinking, and creative things. The oxygen forms the complex with hemoglobin in the blood. This complex is known as oxyhemoglobin, and it gives the energy to our cells, organs and body parts.

So exercise is one of the most important work in our daily routine. Without this, you will be gate tired from time to time. So to live the healthy and active must try to do regular exercises at your home. Also, so many people joined the gym and fitness club. This also makes you healthier and helps to build your own body.

Bodybuilding is the next level of exercise. The people who want to build their body does heavy exercise. The people want to build body also does regular and too heavy exercises. Because of the heavy exercises muscles grew too fast.

For simple example to build the muscles and body we can look the weight lifting exercise. When the bodybuilder lefts the heavyweight he applied his all force. Due to this, the muscles were getting to contract and relax. When muscles contract and relax continues our body gives more nutrition to the part who required more energy. Due to this, the size of muscles changed and we can look at their growth.

Both kinds of exercises are very beneficial to us. But do the heavy exercises when you have the goal to build a body or want to look fit. Most of the people have the medium body posture they don’t have the much need to do the heavy exercises. If you are the person with a normal body and haven’t need to increase or gain body then must do the normal exercises.

Normal or simple exercises are too helpful and good for us. Because these exercises can give the energetic and fresh fill in a whole day. The normal exercise could help to maintain the normal body and posture. Therefore the normal exercises are very helpful in normal conditions. Normal exercises can help you to maintain your own body, health, and fitness.

When we eat more or over diet continuously and just taking the rest we must become too fatty soon. But if you are doing the regularly normal exercises at home most of the time you should be able to maintain the body fitness. But still, because of the laziness, people were getting too fatty. Also if you are getting to fatty then try to lose fats by doing regular exercises.

 Still, In such situations, it is very hard to gain fitness from the fat. Try best of your own to lose the weight or fat. After this, you are unable to maintain the body and lose fat then join the gym. In difficult condition join the fitness club and do the exercises under the guidance of fitness coach. They will help you a lot to improve yourself from fatty to fitness figure.

By doing the activities you can improve you’re some mistakes. After this don’t take any risk in case of fitness because if you lose it at once again then you start to lose everything with it. Because of the fitness and well body posture we are appearing as the more confident person.

If you lose your confident look then no one can take seriously to your thought. So make sure to live fit to become more confident. Don’t lose your fitness and confidence because it is everything for you everywhere. So live the healthy and confident to survive lightly everywhere.

Same as to the exercise the meditation is also more important for the busy personal life. The busiest and namely personality always invest the time on their self. Because they know well where to invest their time accurately. To invest the time rich personality always invest time on their self. Truly if you invest some time on yourself you will definitely get its profit with time.

Meditation is that thing, which helps you to improve yourself. Meditation also gives peace of mind in all situation. If you are a busy personality and bored from your busy life then try the meditation. Meditation definitely helps to improve everything in the normal personality of life. Meditation benefice to make yourself a good person, it helps to change your nature.

Trying the meditation in regular life helps to reduce your unwanted motions. By controlling the motions and emotions you can change yourself totally. It also helps to live healthy and active. The activities like meditation aren’t giving the results instantly. The meditation effects good on your health but it takes time. After a long time and contentious schedule, you will get definitely the benefits.

By following the good activities in the daily routine you should get good results in future time. Meditation can help to explain yourself in front of people. It will help to improve the confidence level. It will give so many achievements in life. Meditation helps to get control of bad activities.

A large number of meditation centers, clubs are ready to teach the meditation. Meditation gives peace of mind. It helps you to see deep in yourselves. Observe the thing that you should do every day. Analyze the bad things and habits in your life and remove them. The removing of bad habits is not too easy as we say. It is too hard to leave any bad habit and activity.

By doing the meditation you can control your mind and brain. If you set the goal for yourselves after doing the meditation. It helps you a lot to complete your goal. Indirectly meditation gives the power to take action. The power of action helps to improve your lifestyle, behavior, activities, and habits.

When people talk about the things that are good to do and beneficial then must do them. Because our familiar or beasties suggest us some best advice but we ignore them. Next time don’t ignore the good thoughts from our religious people. Follow the things and activities that are good to do and suggested by the people.

The effects of bad activities appear very soon. Sometimes we follow some bad activities to complete our desire for that particular time. If you follow the bad activities to complete your particular desire for a short time, it will harm you for a long time.

Follow the just good activities and things in any difficult situation. It will give more positive energy and confidence. But when we do positive things and good activities we never saw their good results. It is true we are unable to watch the results of good activities and things in our life. But when we observe the thing that we earn from our positive and good work they must appear. The good activities always save you’re ten times energy that will be west. Always do good activities in a difficult situation and live a life confidential life ever.

For doing the good activities we have the need to control our mind. We are unable to control our mind and bad thought process in our mind. To control the thoughts and activities we have the need to do the meditation. Meditation helps us to control the thought process in our mind.

So do the regular meditation and exercises. They help you a lot to improve your habits and the activities in your life. You can control the thought process in your mind. The meditation and exercise are also good things to do regularly. We listen always that from people the mediation and exercise give us health and wealth both. But most of the people don’t follow this after knowing the benefits and avoid it.

This is more effective in your life. Most of the good activities always require the time to get their best results. In the same way, meditation and exercises give the health and wealth both but require the time for the results in practical life. Our mind is too fast and similarly, we want things and their results very soon.

But improve yourself, train your mind to wait for the big goals in life. If you take once the good things seriously and follow them in the right way. Then no one has the energy to destroy your path on which you are running to achieve the goals.

Do continuous meditation and exercise improve yourself? Train your mind to achieve the big goals in life. Reduce the continuous thought process in your mind. Follow the good advice and activities from the good people. These all things helps you lot to complete your goals in life for a long time. Also, you should create health and wealth by following all these things and activities in your practical life.


The thinking is that the power of human who made humans unique in the whole universe. We are all humans are different from all living animals because of thinking. Thinking is the power only achieved by the human and this is a miracle at all. As per our thinking there are the so many things are great in the universe but we are all the humans are more than this but we don’t.

Our thinking power makes us different from all the living animals and things. Because of the thinking power, the humans getting towards the developed colonies in the universe. We are all the humans are well characterized specifically and surviving too defensive in the universe.

But all these things are negligible in our life. We areal the great humans and we are adapting ourselves according to the environment. While all other living things are not too adaptive as per human. The other animals are also living as like as human but they haven’t the power to think and act.

Human thinks and act on all the things and do so many activities. We can think anything is our great power and we are regularly improving it. By doing competition with one another, the human should continuously be improving himself. This is the great thing in itself that human continuously improving himself. By improving ourselves continuously we are making ourselves too powerful to study and learn everything.

The thinking is a great power but most of the people unable to use it in the right direction. If we invest our all thinking power only in the creative things then no one can be great as we are. So make sure to invest your thinking power in the right direction. All the humans have the thinking power but all humans are unable to take all benefits of it.

The creative thinking is that power which should make you nothing to everything. All humans are hungry to listen to good things about himself from others. So humans always run to complete all goals. By completing the goals we are feeling too good. We have the specific desire to achieve the goals and complete the dreams.

Most of the people don’t have any goals in life and they are stable in their career. They don’t have any deal with their future and living a simple life. On the other way, very fewer people have big goals set in their life. This is happening because of the thinking power. The people who think about their future, goals, and works became more successful in their life.

The people who don’t have any goals and the dreams in life always appears as unsuccessful. The people who the unsuccessful in their life were doesn’t have the great thinking power.  The great and good thinking power helps us to give the hikes at all turning points in life.

So the good and great thinking power is wealth creating. If you want to become more wealthy then start to change your thinking power. If you start to change the thinking power, live the positive with it. Because just thinking can’t create everything. The great thinking helps to think great always. By thinking the great things you can create live burning dreams.

If you want to improve your thinking power then follow the tips from this content. If you read all the content from this make sure to remember the best things to do from this. because if you reads a lot of content but never notes the pick points from that content then this is wasting of time. If you have the true vision to intake good things and pick guiding point then you must be learned from the worst content also. So don’t waste your time in judging, just observe, watch, listen, hear and learn from them.

To improve the thinking power you have the need to improve your scheduled time. Set the some best goals, which can remove your comfort zone. Comfort zone is always the worst zone for intelligent personalities. Now if you are intelligent then make sure to stay away from the comfort zone. But don’t forget to create the comfort shield which should always protect you from failures and problems. Now decide that in which form your shield is present now? Is it in the form of money, manpower, power of intelligence or in any other form?

Wake up early in the morning and charge yourselves 100% every day. During the night time when you take your complete rest your body was charged to work for the next 24 hours. But only from the sleep you aren’t charged totally. To solve this wake up early in the morning and go for the morning walk. Do the exercises, meditation talk with some great people, learn something new, hear the audiobooks? By doing this you should observe the new spark in yourselves that will fire every day in your brain. This all activities should help you a lot to empower your brain power. Also, creative ideas should come in your mind. Apply them and work fluently with it.

All these activities can give a new vision to observe things. You should totally change your vision to observe and analyze the things. If you are the great visionary then you should know that everything is great in this world. In the same way, you are, but you have the need to become visionary who can solve the problem of others. By solving the problem of people, I am not suggesting you become a social worker. It is in your hand what to do, but the problem solving is the real truth which can make you a great and powerful personality ever.

Some people have too big ideas to do in their life but they can’t take the action. The people who can’t take the action always unable to achieve great things. The people who don’t take the action just looking for the risks in this condition. Also, they always ignore the things from this action, which is the big mistake of them. This will happen always because the thinking power of them is weak and poor.

Also, there is some personality saw the big dreams and take all the action. They make themselves to fight with problems. Thus personalities still know that they are taking the risk and maybe they should fail. Still, they have the desire to work for their dream. The personality like this deal with the problem to find the solution for them. So the few personalities are too great and respectful in their lifestyle because of their struggles.

All these things are just happened just because of the thinking power. The people who have great thinking power to watch their dreams. But who don’t take the action were runs away from the problems and want to live a peaceful life. But in reality, it is true the people like this were unable to set their goals just because of their ignoring behavior. Similarly, if you ignore the great ideas and great things then you are not performing well in your life’s card sheet.

The personalities who always looking for extraordinary ideas and doing workout to fight with problems were getting more success in their life. The personality who always looking for the risks in their life always able to do creative things. The creative things were giving opportunities to do something new in the form problems. So always remember that the problems are always given the new hike in life. Just concentrate on the problems in your life and search for their solution. Every problem will definitely change into the creative thing and new opportunity to do something new.


The Skill is nothing but the creative activities which should be wealth creating. Skills are much important in every person’s life. The skills should be developed through any creative activity. People may always like to talk with skilled and experienced personalities.

By developing the new and creative skills you should work on yourself. By doing this activity you should get success to grab the attention of the people. By attending the concentration of the people you should able to achieve the some best opportunities.

Now consider an example of the person when wants the job with good payment in the best company. The companies’ human resources department have been settled in a fixed manner to hire someone. Where most of the people were goes for the interview without understanding the companies’ requirements from them. Every human resources department always focus on the well skilled, experienced and communicative person. As per there request most of the experiments were failed to pass their requirements and qualify for the job.

This all happens just because of the poor skill development in the job aspirant. Now it is a more basic thing to present ourselves in front of other people. If you are able to present yourselves very nicely then every single person will be impressed with you and your thoughts.

To attract someone towards you, you have the need to work fluently on your communication skills. Communication skill has a second preference. But communication skill matters more than any other single skill. When we go to meet someone for the first time. Which are the things noticed by the person who comes to meet with you?

Note the all those things according to person who comes to meet with you. Follow the tips to attract the person who comes to meet with you. Because the first impression is always the last impression. Every human have the nature to judge the people. This the poor activity to judge someone but still it is good in itself sometime. By applying this you should understand the people and person. By doing this you should create the good relation with the people like customer, friend or any other.

Here the communication skill is the second skill which is preferred by the people. Still, communication skill matters everything in your life. So try to always communicate with the fluent tone, with love, and friendly because of this you should be the successful communicator.

To communicate fluently work on your communication. Check all the things that fluctuate or fumbled when you talk with the people. Make all your pronoun too clear and fluent. Talk selectively with all people. If you talk selectively the people can’t understand you deeply. Sometimes if you have less knowledge about anything. Then your selective communication will help you to improve your knowledge and explain better to yourselves. After your less awareness, you should act as well-known from this thing by doing selective communication.

When you are talking about your work, in such condition try to talk or speak the things only relates to this. Also the most important is the people were judging to other people by the first impression. The first impression is created by the body language. If you are the person with the good body language then other personalities were should be like to always communicate with you.

But if you are the person with the good body language but your communications too weak then body impression is not working anyway. Also in another condition if you are the good looking person with good body language and your communication skill is also too good then no one can stop themselves from your attraction. Still, the body language is on the priority because communication skills are easily improved within some time.

If you are the person with the simple body language then don’t worry because every problem has the solution. By applying the different tips and tips you can also change your body language totally. So search the weak points in yourselves and make sure to make them more perfect because they matter more at all.

These are the basic skills which will help you a lot in your daily lie schedule. But there are the so many important skills which are the much greater than any other. To find the best skills in your surrounding and learn them.  By learning the different skills you should be a skilled and well-developed person. This will also help you a lot in wealth creation.

For your kind information, observe the successful people surrounds you. You will definitely notice their skills and experience to the things. Because every successful person is the more skilled, experienced and knowledgeable than any other average person. To learn the different skills you should also try to ignore them. But this will be your life’s big mistake ever. By learning the different skills you will increase your knowledge. Always try to invest your time and money on knowledge and skilled things because this will helps you to create wealth and health both.

Also, apply the different things in your life always. Because human is a great animal just because of his learning ability. We are all humans able to take the experience from the things and learned from them. These all our basic feature but make sure to use all this basic feature to create the health and wealth at all.

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