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A patent, is what?                                                    

A patent, is what?

                                                                     The patent is mostly using, a word in the business people group. The patent has a lot of importance in the business world. The number of companies is mainly focusing on the buying of the best patent. Cause patent always play the role in companies products.

                                                                             The patent is the word coming from the property. Where the patent is intellectual property. The patent is filed by a person who innovates it. The number of laws and legal process there. It is signed on the name of the person by the government who innovates. This is the one kind of property like real estate. But this one is certified innovation of particular person. It is in the form of concept, design, idea, machine etc.  The person who is the owner of the patent can be sell, rent, and converted into a business model. The patent is the property coming from the intelligence of a human. If you have the idea to make something new then files it into a patent. It is the more expensive property from any other. This will make the value of your intelligence. You can convert ideas into patent and business model.

                                   Just don’t forget to patent your ideas and innovations. Otherwise, you will be getting the need to face many problems. Now you can do your business along with legal ideas. If you are not sure about your business or idea. Then make sure your idea or business model is not coping with other models.


Patent, the one side battle

                                                                                  If you have a store of bakery product. This product is not made in any other bakery anyway. Because of the recipe to make this product is unique. Which does not know by any other chef? Now, this product is your with uniqueness. That’s why the customer who like this product. They will be buying this from only of your store. This navigates that you have no other competitor in this production. So you and only you are the kingfishers in this way. Where your profit is going very high. On the other hand, you have not to worry about loss and competition. It is in your hand how to grow your store. Is this product is getting out off the market? , Is this product is getting out of sell?

                                   Those all things depend only on your marketing skill. Depends upon how you can make it perfect and memorable for the customer. After all, this is like as the one side battle in the market. This strategy is most important in your business model. Only if you are looking your business in top 10 business model. These things are must to do only if you want your business model to become more profitable. This is not only the strategy but also the comfort zone for any business model.

                                       That’s why you need to become unique in any place. Create your own identity and brand. Apply your unique service and strategy.


A business without patents

                                            There is the number of businesses in markets, Where the patent is like nothing. Yes, it is right many businesses where uniqueness is not possible. How to survive in like these places?

                        So many times I have been called the word strategy. The strategy is everything in any place. If market changes then change your strategy according to the market. Innovate different ideas and apply them. Thes ideas which work successfully are also known as marketing strategies. The people who expert in marketing strategies. They always use the definition of strategy. They work along with likewise market. Because if you want to grasp the whole market. Then you have to need to become a big fish. Where fish lives in a common zone, but big fish always lives in a different zone. Oh! but what is the difference between fish and big fish?

                                                                       Here the fish is commonly known by everyone. But still, if someone says the look the big fish, your concentration is attracting theirs. Where someone says look the fish, you don’t look there. Because fish is commonly known but big fish is known by its value. Where the value of fish is stored in the word big. Because big navigate the something is different and best.

                    You need to become a difference. Become a big fish in the market, where your identity is everything. Create something different from others to become a big fish from just a fish.


                   focusing tips :

Create your own innovation in the big market and register them.

Look in the market and become different than any other.

Become a big fish from a small one to create uniqueness.

Study your market analyze it and make your own strategy.

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