we are making the best relationship with our customer. just providing the best services at best prices is our main aim. is corporate solution purpose working for mid cap companies and startup.

we are collecting payment for your project in the order of 30% -50% and 20%. this is the more secure and easy way to work on any project for customer. we are collecting the 30 % amount when project is posted for work. 50% payment is taken by when your project is completed. 20% payment is collected includes all the services and taxes.

in any case you want to cancel project then we are refunding you 70% money back. because when you post your work we are working on it and purchased services from other providers and thus services are non refundable anyway. so we are unable to refund 100% money back to your account.

while the 70% money is easily refunded in your bank account within 3-5 business days.

Data collection

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Cookies collect just data almost for the technical work purpose. This is also helpful for you to find something best rather. We are always taking care of your data.

Even more, cookies are use by each website, app, and device. These are small coded files that come in your device through their updates. Rather these comes through your sign up, subscription etc.


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